The HT-300 Hymnal Plus has thousands of tunes built-in, providing immediate access to a wealth of music. This repertoire comprises three main types of tune: traditional hymns, modern worship music and incidental music.  A fourth category - psalms and canticles - is available if the Psalm Player option is installed.

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Traditional Hymns

There is a convention with traditional hymns to give the music its own name in order that it may be used with many sets of lyrics, not just the ones for which it was originally written. For example, the hymn Love divine all loves excelling is commonly sung to no less than four different tunes - BLAENWERN, HYFRYDOL, LOVE DIVINE and WESTMINSTER. So, you can see that the well-known title of Love divine all loves excelling only accurately identifies the lyrics, not the tune to which it is sung.

Wherever possible the traditional hymns in the repertoire are cross-referenced by both first line and tune name. Consequently, looking up Love divine all loves excelling will reveal several possibilities:

Love divine all loves excelling   BLAENWERN
Love divine all loves excelling   HYFRYDOL
Love divine all loves excelling   LOVE DIVINE
Love divine all loves excelling   WESTMINSTER


Modern Praise Music

The conventions of traditional hymn writing outlined above largely do not apply to modern praise music - the combination of music and lyrics is collectively known by one title. However, many modern praise songs consist of verses and a chorus section. In these instances it is common for the song to be known by both its first line and a common title (usually the first few words of the chorus). For example Lord the light of your love is commonly known as SHINE JESUS SHINE, the first few words of the chorus section. For speedy identification, the Hymnal Plus stores both the first line and the common title wherever possible. The common title is shown as though it were a proper tune name:

Lord the light of your love  SHINE JESUS SHINE


Incidental Music

In order to provide music for a complete service, the Hymnal Plus also plays a range of incidental music (wedding marches, voluntaries etc).


  • While every effort had been made in cross-referencing this list, it should not be considered the ultimate guide to every hymn ever written. If you cannot find what you want when searching for a first line, find out whether the music has a tune name or common title. Searching for that may well yield results.


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