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Most churches rely on musical accompaniment for a wide range of occasions. In addition to the hymns sung from their hymn books during church services, incidental music is often relied upon for related events, so that there is an even greater need for a vast selection of music options. The Hymnal Plus hymn machine is the ideal choice for churches of any size that want to have musical accompaniment they can rely on, and the adaptable features that allow them to incorporate other hymns they already sing into the machine’s repertoire.

The Hymnal Plus is supplied with a vast range of traditional and contemporary tunes, along with a selection of incidental music (wedding marches, background music for communion, etc.). However, a key design feature of the Hymnal Plus is its upgradeability.

Additional tune repertoire is available to purchase, right away, whether it be just one specific tune or the index to an entire additional hymn book. Even custom, one-time recordings can be commissioned if required.



A - Z master index book

The Hymnal Plus is supplied with an A - Z index of all the tunes included in its standard repertoire - the Master Index book. Painstakingly cross-indexed by first line and tune name/title, using this you can quickly look up any available tune. Alternatively, you can use the Hymnal Plus' powerful onscreen Hymn Search facility to search either within any of the available book indexes, or the entire database (the Master Index).



Convenient book indexing

For added ease of use, we've indexed the repertoire to a number of the most widely-used hymn books. If your church uses any of these, just select the appropriate book and then select tunes by tapping in familiar hymn numbers. We've taken care of the details, so that not only will the Hymnal Plus select the correct tune, it will also automatically adjust the key (pitch) and number of verses to match the song as it appears in that book. The hymn machine becomes the perfect companion for the hymns that your congregation regularly relies on. When you want to add another book to the repertoire, the flexibility of the system will allow you to take it to the next level.

When the quality of your music matters to you, the Hymnal Plus can help you reach your musical potential, while giving you room to expand the range of hymns and incidental music readily available. You will never be kept waiting for your musical accompaniment, to learn a new song or spend unavailable time practicing for an event.

The hymn machine surpasses other machines of its kind by being adaptable to existing or new hymn books and new music that you want to add to your repertoire. At the same time, it is easy to use and automatically makes adjustments to adapt to the hymns in the books, so that you have uniformity in the music you play and sing.

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