• Does the Hymnal Plus need external amplification?
  • Can we connect the Hymnal Plus to our existing church sound system?
  • Can the Hymnal Plus be connected to our loop system (for the hearing-impaired)?
  • Why is the speed (tempo) changed by a percentage?
  • How long will the Hymnal Plus play for when using the (optional) battery pack?
  • What is the range of the standard infra-red remote control handset?
  • Is the Hymnal Plus supplied with a memory card?
  • What is stored on the memory card?
  • Can I use additional/alternative memory cards?
  • Is there a factory reset button?
  • What should I do if it ever goes wrong?
  • How long will a Hymnal Plus last?

Basic Operation

  • I'm not musical or technical. How easy is the Hymnal Plus to use?
  • Can I change the speed (tempo) and pitch (key) of a tune?
  • Can I change the number of verses to be played?
  • What about an Introduction?
  • Can I set up a service in advance?
  • Can I control the length of pause between verses?
  • Can I accidentally erase or delete anything?


  • Can we add more tunes into the Hymnal Plus?
  • How are extra tunes added into the Hymnal Plus?

Play Lists

  • Can I change the order of items in a play list?
  • Can I set up a different style for each verse of a tune in a Play List?

User Styles

  • How do I go about creating my own styles?

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