Why the Hymnal Plus?

The Hymnal Plus is the ultimate music solution for any church that can’t find reliable musicians or that doesn’t want to invest in an expensive instrument. Church hymns play an important role in most churches, requiring musical accompaniment for the songs that the congregation and/or choir sing from the hymn books. That’s one reason that this powerful music player is the best choice for so many different houses of worship. It has the capacity to play the church hymns that are in your hymn books, as well as choruses, praise music, wedding music and more.

When you take the Hymnal Plus out of the box, it is ready to perform thousands of the most popular traditional hymns and contemporary worship songs used in the US today. There is also the option to add any tune to it, using the built-in midi and mp3 players. With so many choices HT300 hi 400programmed into the machine, easy access to those you want when they are needed is essential. The Play List feature lets you choose the tunes you want to play at your next service and save them. Multiple play lists can be saved for multiple services or for other events.

Different churches use different styles of music, and the Hymnal Plus can adapt to fit yours. Choose from organ, orchestral or a combination of musical instruments. Select from 244 preset styles and get the songs and the sounds that you want instantly.

With the addition of the Hymnal Plus to your church, long gone are the days when you are left singing church hymns without accompaniment, because your musician had other plans or became ill. You will always have the availability of quality-sounding church music, even for those special events that take place during hours outside of regular worship times.

Try out our audio demos to hear the difference between the Hymnal Plus and other music players. Professional musicians contributed more than 200 sounds to create the impressive range of preset musical styles. The high quality sound will give your church the realistic sound of authentic musicians who always hit the right note!