Other Music

music2Even if you have considered other hymn music machines, you haven’t realized your full potential for playing hymn music in your church, school, retirement home, Christian holiday center or other facility. In addition to its ability to play the hymns from the most popular hymn books in the United States, the Hymnal Plus also comes equipped to play a wide range of other traditional and contemporary tunes, including selections used for weddings, funerals and other events that commonly take place in the church.

In addition to the wide selection of music with which the Hymnal Plus is equipped right out of the box, you can also add many more tunes to the repertoire whenever you like. You can add a single selection, or add an entire hymn book to the hymn player, to keep the system relevant to the changing musical requirements of your church over time.

With Hymnal Plus, you get a much deeper repertoire than with other hymn players. The ability of the player to grow is the biggest feature that sets it apart from the competition. When it arrives, you will also receive an A to Z Master Index Book that lists all of the tunes included in the standard repertoire when you take it out of the box. This listing is cross-indexed by first line and tune name/title, so that you can find any song with ease. You can also use the onscreen Hymn Search facility to find hymns in the entire database.

Selecting the hymn music you want to play is easy too. Pick tunes by selecting your hymn book and the familiar hymn number, or call up tunes directly from the master index. Then save it into a play list and easily put together all the music for a service in advance.

Hymn music machines are a good choice for churches and other organizations that play worship music but don’t have access to the instruments or musicians required to create the music live. The hymn player is a versatile tool that provides the ultimate music solution for church services and the many associated events that will be enhanced by the high quality sound produced by the Hymnal Plus.