Organ Music

pipeorgan1Organ church music is a traditional style used in many types of churches. This may be provided by a pipe organ or electric organ, either of which requires a significant investment. When you purchase the Hymnal Plus to provide organ music for church services and special occasions, you get the benefits of authentic organ sound, and many additional instruments that you may want to use, without the cost or complexity of an entire music system.

You can hear the difference in the unique high-quality soundset, custom-voiced specifically for church music. You choose one of 244 preset musical styles and select a tune to enjoy authentic pipe organs, both with and without pedals, along with your choice of numerous other instruments. Choose from organ, orchestral or combination, to set just the right style for each song you use.

The music player creates pipe organ sounds by layering individual pipe stops together, just like a genuine church organ. These realistic effects are made possible by the hymn player’s high quality sound generator, which is capable of reproducing up to 124 notes at the same time.

Listen to the audio demos on this site to hear the difference between the Hymnal Plus and other methods of playing organ church music that are available to you. You can use the Play List feature to pre-select the music that you want to use in upcoming services, or for special occasions, and go back to them again and again. There is no need to record an organ music CD to keep any of your selections readily available. Create as many play lists as you want and always get to the music you want, fast and with ease.

Nothing is more appropriate to the occasion than the authentic-sounding organ music you will get from the Hymnal Plus. You can also upgrade it, so that you have an even wider range of music available to you. Don’t settle for anything less than the highest quality sound for your church music.