Display Output

HT300 video connectorDisplay song lyrics, prayers etc. via a suitable projector or monitor screen. Song lyrics auto-advance as the Hymnal Plus plays the music. Plug in a qwerty typing keyboard and enter text straight into the Hymnal Plus, or use your PC's word-processing program* and load your text files onto the Hymnal Plus' compact flash memory card.

*For compatibility with the Hymnal Plus, all text files must be saved in .rtf format.

Copyright Notice

  • Users have an obligation to report usage of copyright lyrics to Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI). More information on licensing may be found at www.ccli.com.
  • Display of other copyright texts may require additional licensing.
  • The display of copyright lyrics synchronised to music may require additional video synchronisation licensing.

Rechargeable battery pack

The 3000mAh NiMH rechargeable battery pack will provide up to several hours of Hymnal Plus use on one charge. The battery pack is recharged by the Hymnal Plus' built-in charger. Much more efficient and less environmentally hazardous than ordinary NiCd rechargeable batteries, NiMH is the type of battery used in most hybrid cars. 


Extra Repertoire

The Hymnal Plus is supplied with a vast range of traditional and contemporary tunes, indexed to some of the most widely used US hymn books, along with a selection of incidental music (wedding marches, background music for communion etc). However, a key design feature of the Hymnal Plus is its upgradeability.

Additional tune repertoire is available to purchase immediately, whether it be just one specific tune or the index to an entire additional hymn book. Even bespoke, one-off recordings can be commissioned if required.

Other material is constantly being evaluated and recorded for further repertoire additions.


Psalm Player

PsalmThe optional interactive psalm and canticle accompaniment feature enables anyone familiar with psalm pointing to accompany the singing of psalms and canticles. Supplied loaded with 242 psalm accompaniments (indexed to The Parish Psalter) and hand-held psalm trigger.

"Very pleased with the HT-300 - the psalm player is brilliant!"  St Nicholas Church, Bishop's Sutton, Alresford, Hants, UK

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