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Until now, nothing has ever come close to the depth of emotion that is stirred from a talented organist leading the congregation in the rendition of their favorite hymn tunes. Unfortunately, there are too often reasons that your church may find themselves without the talented hands they need to provide music for church services or other occasions. With the Hymnal Plus, you never have to worry about circumstances interfering with your music source. You can enjoy authentic hymns from your hymn books, or from other resources, whenever the occasion calls for them.

The investment in an organ may be one that is too much for your church. The Hymnal Plus will provide you with a reliable music source at a fraction of the cost of a new organ or piano … and you don’t need to find someone to play it. In addition, you can upgrade your Hymnal Plus music player by adding more songs, and even personalize it by creating and saving your own special orchestrations.

Choose one of the hymn tunes from our list of demos here and close your eyes to experience the incredible sound you can have with the Hymnal Plus. No other hymn player will provide you with more realistic audio or such a vast selection of options. It’s easy to program using the 5.7” touch screen, where you will select the hymn you want to play or create a play list, so that you have everything you need for the entire service prepared in advance.

The simplicity of use and the rich, realistic sound are only two of the outstanding features of this digital hymn player that set it apart from other models. It displays only the buttons that you need for the current task at hand, so there is little room for confusion when you are operating it. It also gives you information such as the first line and tune name and/or title of a song when you select it, so you can be sure that you have chosen the right hymn. The style choices include organ, orchestral and combination, which is a mixture of instruments. You also have the option to add a sparkling drum track to any style you choose.

All the music in these demos was recorded straight from the Hymnal Plus, with no additional processing or enhancement. They are just an example of what the Hymnal Plus can add to the music in your church’s worship.

These mp3 files are available for download from our DOWNLOADS section.


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